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No progress on the IPS repository

January 11th, 2015

In 2012, we wrote about the IPS repository being in the works. Unfortunately, we have done no progress on it. We’ve talked about IPS many times, and while people agree it’s a great idea to have an IPS repository, they are unable to devote time to it.

What’s needed for the IPS repo to happen? It is unlikely that any of the existing package maintainers pick this up. Somebody new needs to step up.

The closest existing thing is which is hosted in our domain, but it’s an entirely separate effort which shares no code with OpenCSW.

Minimum libc version is 1.22.5

December 14th, 2014

On Solaris 10, the minimum libc version for OpenCSW packages is 1.22.5. You can check it with:

pvs -no /usr/lib/

If your libc version is older than that, you need to patch / upgrade your Solaris installation before upgrading OpenCSW packages.

libc version 1.22.5 has been introduced in Solaris 10 update 8.

New stable release: bratislava

September 29th, 2014

Six months have passed since we’ve promoted ‘kiel’ to stable. It’s time for a new release. We’ve promoted the testing catalog ‘bratislava’ to stable, and created a new ‘munich’ catalog which has become the new testing.

The new stable catalog contains the patched CSWbash package.

original announcement

New OpenSSL security update

June 10th, 2014

After the horrible heartbleed blug, a new set of security vulnerabilities was recently found in OpenSSL and publicly disclosed on June, 5th. Although not as serious as heartbleed, one of these new vulnerabilities allows an attacker to perform a man-in-the-middle attack, so you are strongly advised to update to openssl 1.0.1h,REV=2014.06.06, which was released in unstable, kiel and bratislava repositories on June, 6th.

GCC 4.9.0 has been released

May 1st, 2014

We gladly announce the release of packages for GCC 4.9.0 for Solaris 10 Sparc and i386. Thanks Maciej!


April 9th, 2014

Twice a year, OpenCSW maintainers and contributors get together to work on packages, share experiences and discuss the future direction of the project. In this year’s winter camp at the University of Zurich the following issues were addressed:

  • Catalog cleanup
    During the cleanup 441 packages were removed. This process will be repeated every six months.
  • Introduce Buildbot for upstream projects
    To give upstream better feedback on the Solaris compatibility for upstream projects we now provide continuous builds for interested projects. One of the first projects to benefit from it was PCRE which had issues on Solaris in version 8.34. The recently released packages for PCRE 8.35 were a result of giving upstream constant feedback on the development state.
  • Presentation of new mirror infrastructure
    In the future, people will be redirected to their closest mirror using only one URL. This will be based on MirrorBrain.
  • Changes to the website
    The Website has been updated to the latest WordPress release and the layout of announcements was adjusted. Additionally there were some thoughts about a new website.

The next camp will be in the summer/fall.

Spring cleaning, 2014 edition

April 6th, 2014

As a follow-up to our previous cleanings, we’ve taken another go at eliminating clutter from the catalog. By clutter we mean packages that are not updated for 4+ years, owned by inactive maintainers, and/or generally not useful any more.

Some of the packages were: dcraw, ddd, fluxbox_dtlogin, hylafax, jetty, ksh, minicom, nethack, pen (simple load balancer), rxvt, scala, tcptraceroute, thttpd, wiggle, wv2, and urxvt.

We also removed unused *_stub packages and most of the X11 packages from the times when OpenCSW tried to provide its own libX11. Overall, 441 stale packages have been removed.

Spring is here!

kiel is stable, bratislava is testing

March 27th, 2014

On the 10th of March 2014, we’ve promoted the kiel catalog to the stable release, and bratislava to the testing release.
There are no major changes in the catalog, but mainly incremental updates.

When you upgrade your systems to the new release, you can use pkgutil --cleanup to get rid of empty and obsolete packages.

See the announcement on the users mailing list for more details.

dublin is stable, kiel is testing

September 21st, 2013

We’ve just flipped symlinks on the master mirror. Those subscribed to the ‘testing’ release will receive a massive package upgrade.Inflatable Movie Screen

More details in the announcement email on the users mailing list.

Detailed project overview video

February 17th, 2013

If you’re only looking for instructions how to get started, you don’t need to watch the video.

If you’re curious about OpenCSW, want a bit more in-depth look and have an hour to spend watching a presentation, this is for you.

In the video, Dagobert Michelsen presents the project overview: what is OpenCSW, what does the project provide, and how it does it. Claudio Ramirez and William Bonnet joined the presentation to ask some additional questions and provide live comments.

Watch it here: OpenCSW project overview by Dagobert Michelsen

If you have any questions or comments, drop by our IRC channel, #opencsw on Freenode.