• Use the unstable catalog to get the freshest versions of packages
  • Join our IRC channel, #opencsw on Freenode
  • Subscribe to the users mailing list

You can also:

Request and test packages

Is there a package you care about?

  1. Request an upgrade (in the bugtracker or on IRC)
  2. A maintainer will let you know that the new version of the packages is avilable from the experimental area
  3. Test the package in your environment, and provide feedback
  4. If there are any corrections to be made, you’ll get a new set of packages
  5. Rinse, and repeat
  6. When you’re happy, let the maintainer know and the new packages will be released

Making small changes to package build descriptions

There can be a small change that you would like to see. For example, an update to the README file, or additional compilation option, or a better default configuration template. In such case, you can check out the build description in our subversion repository, make changes to it, and send us a patch. The package maintainers will review the patch, and apply it to the repository.  If the patch needs improvements, maintainers will provide feedback on how to do it.

Building packages at own location and contributing package build code

See the packaging tutorial!

You’ll need a Solaris build host. If you don’t currently have a Solaris machine at hand, we recommend installing VirtualBox, downloading a Solaris ISO from Oracle and starting your own small build host.

When you work on the package, you’ll edit the package build code. When you’re happy with the package you built, you create a patch using the “svn diff” command. Make sure to run “svn add” for any files you’re adding! (if you’re creating any patches).

You can send your patch to us (e.g. on the users list), and if we’re happy with your patch, we’ll build the modified package and release it.

Becoming a maintainer

If you feel like becoming more involved with the project, consider becoming a package maintainer. We have a maintainer signup page, which outlines the process.