Spring cleaning, 2014 edition

April 6th, 2014 by Maciej Bliziński

As a follow-up to our previous cleanings, we’ve taken another go at eliminating clutter from the catalog. By clutter we mean packages that are not updated for 4+ years, owned by inactive maintainers, and/or generally not useful any more.

Some of the packages were: dcraw, ddd, fluxbox_dtlogin, hylafax, jetty, ksh, minicom, nethack, pen (simple load balancer), rxvt, scala, tcptraceroute, thttpd, wiggle, wv2, and urxvt.

We also removed unused *_stub packages and most of the X11 packages from the times when OpenCSW tried to provide its own libX11. Overall, 441 stale packages have been removed.

Spring is here!