‘stable’ declared dead

November 12th, 2012 by Maciej BliziƄski

If you visit our mirror and try to pull packages from the ‘stable’ catalog, you will get an error. This is intentional, as described in the README file.

The toplevel stable catalog is considered to be dead. Please choose another
catalog which is maintained. The old stable/ is still available under /legacy,
so if you must subscribe to that one, but keep in mind that the old stable
is totally unmaintained.

Kind regards

  -- Dagobert Michelsen (mirror maintainer)

This edition of the ‘stable’ catalog has been unmaintained since 2008.

We intend to keep the ‘stable’ directory in this state for at least half a year, to give people a chance to notice. Then the ‘dublin’ release will be promoted to stable. In the meantimeBall, we are working on the ‘kiel’ release, which among other things, features the transition to OpenSSL 1.0.