Roadmap for 2013

November 24th, 2012 by Maciej BliziƄski

Most of the year 2012 at OpenCSW was spent trying to keep up to date with core packages, and testing the new package flow. The unstable catalog was getting very frequent updates directly from package maintainers. The dublin catalog was periodically synchronized from the unstable catalog, until the OpenSSL update came along. The library update turned out to be non-trivial, and resulted in the dublin catalog freeze. We have the capacity to rebuilt packages for the dublin catalog, but most of the new work goes towards new packages.

We’ve created a new catalog called ‘kiel’. It is a snapshot of the unstable catalog, featuring OpenSSL 1.0.0 and other updates. If you want OpenSSL 1.0.0, this is the catalog you should use. It will kept getting periodic updates from unstable, the way the dublin catalog used to. You need to configure pkgutil to point to the release name.

We’ve also created the next catalog, called ‘bratislava’, which is currently only a placeholder for some experiments we’re about to make. We’re still collecting ideas, but the main one is that we’ll build it from scratch, with some fundamental changes: there will be no CSWcommon, and everything will be built with GCC by default. We also want to make it possible to bootstrap OpenCSW at a different prefix than /opt/csw, allowing others to build their own software stacks based on our code base.

The progress on the IPS catalog is slow, but the effort is ongoing.

The short outline of our 2013 plans is:

  • Keep the ‘stable‘ URL empty for until mid-2013 to make sure that people notice that they shouldn’t be using it.
  • When mid-2013 arrives, promote dublin to stable and promote kiel to testing.
  • Build bratislava.
  • Build an IPS catalog.

We hope our packages make your life easier. If you feel like talking to us, hop on the IRC channel.