pkgutil −−cleanup

May 28th, 2012 by Maciej Bliziński

If you’re upgrading OpenCSW packages installed on your systems, you’ve noticed the ongoing package renames and splits. We’re actively working on splitting shared libraries into own packages, and corresponding header and *.so files into the *_dev packages. To make sure the dependency continuity between older packages and the libraries, we’re providing *_stub packages. If you have a long-standing OpenCSW installation, chances are that many of the *_stub packages are not necessary any more. To make it easier to detect and remove obsoleted packages, we provide a simple framework which allows packaging tools to scan and detect obsoleted packages. To use it with pkgutil, type:

pkgutil --cleanup

If there are any obsoleted packages on your system (usually only empty stubs), they will get removed. As always, a bit of caution is advised. Don’t do it on your production system before testing it first.