Release Branches Adjusted

November 1st, 2011 by Sebastian Kayser

We’ve added a good amount of automation to the package release workflow over the last few months. Along with this, the release branches that you might know from previous years (“stable”, “current”, and “unstable”) have been slightly adjusted. Time for everyone not yet familiar with the changes to catch up.

unstable” is still the place for the most recent packages, that’s where we intially upload packages. “current” on the other hand now offers a middle ground. It points to “testing“, a branch which receives staggered package updates from “unstable”. Finally, “stable” is officially deprecated – which it de-facto was for quite some time now. You can still use it, but it is very old and won’t see updates. As a replacement for “stable” we’ve started to work on something called named releases. More on that in due time.

To sum it up in a picture

What’s next?

There’s still a bunch to do. Automating the “unstable” -> “testing” workflow, propagating the substantial backlog of updates from “unstable”, and getting a named release out of the door are among the main ones. In the meantime, the “Release Branches” page has been updated and the branches “unstable” and “testing” are your friends. Any questions? Let us know.