pkgutil 2.4 released

May 15th, 2011 by bonivart

Pkgutil 2.4 was released 2011-05-15. Change log:

  • pkgutil: new option –cleanup. When invoked, scans for /var/sadm/pkg/*/install/obsolete. If it finds /var/sadm/pkg/CSWlibfoo/install/obsolete and nothing installed depends on CSWlibfoo, then CSWlibfoo gets removed from the system
  • Support key package (/etc/opt/csw/pki, /var/opt/csw/pki). Change default homedir (Ben Walton)
  • Parse option for download, incl. catalog and md5 (Maciej Blizinski)
  • Include distribution (e.g. unstable) with pkgliststyle 2
  • Support absolute paths in –output (Dago)
  • Show last two parts of mirror path as distribution (e.g. dublin/core)
  • Change default pkgliststyle to 2
  • Speed up option -l with glob
  • Silence “Checking integrity …” when –parse is on (4693@OpenCSW)
  • pkgutil: eval ‘PATH=/opt/csw/bin:$PATH exec perl -x -w $0 ${1+”$@”}’ (PCA)
  • pkgutil: fix pkgask/response bug (3205333@SF) (Julian Clifton-Thompson)
  • pkgutil: fix a bug in –cleanup when using –yes or auto (admin not set)
  • Do not duplicate mirrors present in pkgutil.conf in both /opt and /etc (4693@OpenCSW)
  • Fix bug in hook support (Ben Walton)
  • bldcat: add -q/–quiet option
  • bldcat: improve support for non-CSW packages (3300709@SF) (Mark Heily)
  • chkcat: add -c/–nocyclic option to skip cyclic dependency checking, helps speed a lot
  • chkcat: suppress warning exit code 1 when using –erroronly
  • chkcat: multiple catalog files can be specified and checked as a set (Maciej Blizinski)