Catalog format

Space separated fields:

common version package file md5 size dependencies category i-dependencies

For example:

bind 9.4.2,REV=2008.07.09_rev=p1 CSWbind bind-9.4.2,REV=2008.07.09_rev=p1-SunOS5.8-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz f68df57fcf54bfd37304b79d6f7eeacc 2954112 CSWcommon|CSWosslrt net none

The format of the dependencies and i-dependencies fields:

  1. When the list is empty: none
  2. When the list is non-empty, pipe-separated list of pkginst names: CSWfoo|CSWbar

A package can only occur once in the catalog, meaning that both package names (pkginst) and catalog names must be unique in a catalog.

The catalog may have to be extended to support more features like if there’s a source package available. In that case extra fields should be added to the end so not to break existing tools.

GPG Signatures

A catalog file can be signed with gpg, cleartext style, with the signature embedded in the file.


The first line can contain:

# CREATIONDATE 2014-03-16T08:39:58Z

See also

Building a catalog
Information on how to build your own catalog.

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