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Information about Solaris package libassuan0.

Software Namelibassuan0
Package NameCSWlibassuan0
DescriptionIPC library used by some GnuPG related software,
Source URL
Package Build Repository csw/mgar/pkg/libassuan/trunk/Makefile (SourceForge, OpenGrok)
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MaintainerLaurent Blume
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GAR information


Path in repository/pkg/libassuan/trunk
Distributed fileslibassuan-2.1.2.tar.bz2

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Version information


CatalogVersionLast check date
Testing2.4.12016-05-07 21:00:04
Unstable2.4.12016-05-07 21:01:14
GAR2.1.22014-10-31 19:44:25
Upstream2.1.12014-10-31 19:44:25

Versions history

The following table display the history of version releases.

unstable2.4.12015-11-25 21:01:05
testing2.4.12015-11-25 21:00:05
unstable2.1.22014-08-18 21:01:04
testing2.1.22014-08-18 21:00:04
gar2.1.22014-08-18 19:16:59
unstable2.1.12013-08-27 21:00:47
testing2.1.12013-08-27 21:00:04
gar2.1.12013-08-27 15:39:58
upstream2.1.12013-07-04 00:32:20
testing2.1.02013-04-09 22:49:39
upstream2.1.02013-02-26 02:06:10
gar2.1.02013-02-26 02:06:10
unstable2.1.02013-02-23 21:00:48
upstream2.0.32012-11-13 02:51:00
gar2.0.22012-11-13 02:51:00
unstable2.0.22011-07-02 00:06:09
testing2.0.22011-07-02 00:05:17

Dependency Tree

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