Install cas_texinfo on Solaris 10 and 11:

pkgadd -d
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -U
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -y -i cas_texinfo 
/usr/sbin/pkgchk -L CSWcas-texinfo # list files

See also: Getting started with OpenCSW

Package details

SVR4 package nameCSWcas-texinfo
DescriptionThe texinfo class action script for CSW packages
Source URL
Package Sources csw/mgar/pkg/cswclassutils/trunk/Makefile (SourceForge, OpenGrok)
QA pageGo to cas_texinfo QA page
Last Uploaded ByMaciej Blizinski
Contact maintainer
Bugtracker View bugs about cas_texinfo
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Dependencies ( 1 )

Oracle / Sun Solaris SUNW packages not shown.

Software nameDescription
commoncommon files and dirs for CSW packages

Reverse dependencies ( 110 )

Reverse dependencies are Solaris packages that depends on cas_texinfo.

Software nameDescription
a2psAny to PostScript filter
aalib_utilsUtility programs for the
aspellThe GNU spell checker (binaries)
asymptoteThe Vector Graphics Language
auctexA much enhanced TeX/LaTeX mode for Emacs
autoconfGNU auto-configuration tool
autoconf_archiveCollection of macros for GNU Autoconf
autogenThe Automated Text and Program Generation Tool
automakeA tool for automatically generating Makefiles.
bashA sh-compatible command language interpreter
binutilsGNU binary utilities: gas, gld, gprof, and others
bisonGNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
complexityMeasure complexity of C source
coreutilsGNU core utilities
cswclassutilsClass action scripts for CSW packages
cvsConcurrent Versioning System
ddrescueA data recovery tool
dejagnuDejaGnu is a framework for testing other programs
diffutilsDiff utilities
docbook2xConverts DocBook documents to man and Texinfo format
emacs_commonThe GNU Emacs editor - architecture neutral common components
enscriptGNU enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript
fftwUtilities for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
findutilsA set of utilities for searching a filesystem
flexA tool for generating text-scanning programs
freeipmiIPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification
gawkGNU awk
gbcAn interactive algebraic language with arbitrary precision which follows the POSIX 1003.2
gcalGcal is a program for calculating and printing calendars
gcc4coreGNU C compiler
gcc4gfortranGNU Fortran Compiler
gcc4javaGNU Java Compiler
gcc5coreGNU C compiler
gcc5gfortranGNU Fortran Compiler
gcc5javaGNU Java Compiler
gdbThe GNU Debugger
ggettextGNU locale utilities
ggrepGNU grep
glib_devGeneral-purpose utility library, development files
globalGNU GLOBAL source code tag system
gm4GNU m4 Unix macro processor
gmakeGNU Make controls generation of executables and other compile-related tasks
gnuchessGNU Chess
gnupgGnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
gnupg2GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
gnuplotThe Gnuplot Plotting Utility
gnutlsGNU Transport Layer Security Utility Programs
gpgme_devGPGME - GnuPG Made Easy, development files
gpg_errorTools for
groffGNU roff/troff/nroff
gsedThe GNU non-interactive text Stream-oriented EDitor (sed)
gsl_docGNU Scientific Library, documentation
gssGNU Generic Security Service
gtarGNU tape archiver
gtk_devGIMP Toolkit, for creating graphical user interfaces, development files
guileGNU extensibility library
gvX graphic user interface for the Ghostscript interpreter
gwrap_devA tool for exporting C libraries into Scheme interpreters, development files
gxmessagegxmessage - Clone of xmessage for GTK based desktops
gzip_extrasGNU zip additional tools
help2manA tool for automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
libassuan_devDevelopment files for
libcheck_devDevelopment files for
libffi_devA portable foreign function interface library - developer package
libgcrypt_utilsUtility programs for libgcrypt
libgdbm_devDevelopment files for
libgmp_devDevelopment Files for libgmp
libidl_devDevelopment files for
libidn2_devGNU IDN2 development files for
libidn_devGNU IDN development files for
libksba_devDevelopment files for
liblz_devDevelopment files for
libmpc_devlibmpc_dev - C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision, develo
libmpfr_devMPFR development files
libnettle_utilsUtility programs for libnettle
libreadline_devGNU readline development files for and
libtasn1_utilsGNU ASN1 utilities
libtoolA generic library support tool
libunistring_devDevelopment files for
mailutilsA collection of mail related utilities
mdkMIX Development Kit
msmtpSMTP client
mtoolsRead/write/list/format DOS disks under Unix
mutt_baseA text-based mail client for Unix operating systems
nanoEnhanced clone of the Pico text editor
netcatGNU netcat, a network debugging utility
netcdfNetCDF - Machine-independent data formats for array-oriented scientific data
org_modeAn Emacs Mode for Notes, Planning, and Authoring
pinentryAllows entering passwords into gpg-agent (ncurses version)
plotutils_docThe GNU plotutils (plotting utilities) package, documentation
plzipA lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
pokeInteractive, extensible editor for binary data
py_sphinx_docDocumentation generator, outputs HTML, PDF, epub and man, documentation
rcsGNU Revision Control System
recutilsGNU recutils
remakeGNU Make debugger
scm_commonThe Algorithmic Language Scheme, architecture neutral files
screenA window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal.
sharutilssharutils - Creates self-extracting shell archives
slibA portable Scheme library
stressA deliberately simple workload generator for POSIX systems
texi2htmlA Texinfo to HTML converter
texinfoThe GNU Documentation System
texlive_commonTeX Live, common
wdiffA front end to diff for comparing files on a word per word basis
wgetA network utility to retrieve files from the web
whichUtility used to find which executable is executed when entered on the shell prompt.
xorrisoISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator
zutilsUtilities to deal with compressed and non-compressed files

Libraries dependencies ( 0 )

The following tables display the sub list of packages, from the reverse dependencies, that depends on the libs provided by cas_texinfo.

DependencySoftware name