Install libz1 on Solaris 10 and 11:

pkgadd -d
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -U
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -y -i libz1 
/usr/sbin/pkgchk -L CSWlibz1 # list files

See also: Getting started with OpenCSW

Package details

SVR4 package nameCSWlibz1
DescriptionZlib data compression library,
Source URL
Package Sources csw/mgar/pkg/zlib/trunk/Makefile (SourceForge, OpenGrok)
QA pageGo to libz1 QA page
Last Uploaded ByIhsan Dogan
Contact maintainer
Bugtracker View bugs about libz1
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Dependencies ( 1 )

Oracle / Sun Solaris SUNW packages not shown.

Software nameDescription
commoncommon files and dirs for CSW packages

Reverse dependencies ( 286 )

Reverse dependencies are Solaris packages that depends on libz1.

Software nameDescription
aideaide - Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
ap24_modphp5The apache 2.4.x php5 module
ap2_modphp5The apache 2.2.x php5 module
apache2A high performance Unix-based HTTP server.
apache24A high performance HTTP server.
asymptoteThe Vector Graphics Language
avidemuxVideo editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.
bacula_commonThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - shared files
bacula_consoleThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Console
bacula_directorThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Director
bacula_fdThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - File Daemon
bacula_sdThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Storage Daemon
bacula_tray_monitorThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Tray monitor
bindISC BIND DNS main package
binutilsGNU binary utilities: gas, gld, gprof, and others
bzflagA free multiplayer multiplatform 3D tank battle game
calibreAn e-book converter and library management
ccacheFast C/C++ compiler cache
celestiaReal-time 3D visualization of space
cgitWeb front-end for Git
clamavClam AntiVirus
cmakeCross-platform make
curlA command line tool and library for client-side URL transfers
cvsConcurrent Versioning System
cyrus_imapdPop and Imap server from the Cyrus mail system
cyrus_imapd_utilsVarious admin utilities for Cyrus Imapd/Popd
c_icapC-ICAP library
darkstatNetwork traffic analyzer
diaA GTK+ based diagram creation program
dictdDICT Protocol, server
dictzipDICT Protocol, compressor
dovecotSecure IMAP server
elinksAn advanced text mode web browser
emacs_athenaThe GNU Emacs editor - based on the Athena toolkit
emacs_gtkThe GNU Emacs editor - based on the GTK toolkit
emacs_noxThe GNU Emacs editor - without any XWindows dependencies
fossilDSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database
freecivFree turn-based multiplayer strategy game
gcc4adaGCC Ada compiler (GNAT)
gcc4coreGNU C compiler
gcc4g++GNU C++ Compiler
gcc4gfortranGNU Fortran Compiler
gcc4javaGNU Java Compiler
gcc4objcGNU Objective C Compiler
gcc5adaGCC Ada compiler (GNAT)
gcc5coreGNU C compiler
gcc5g++GNU C++ Compiler
gcc5gfortranGNU Fortran Compiler
gcc5javaGNU Java Compiler
gcc5objcGNU Objective C Compiler
gdbThe GNU Debugger
geoip_updateUpdater for GeoIP.dat directly from MaxMind
ghostscriptPostScript and PDF interpreter
gitFast Version Control System
gnomevfs2GnomeVFS - Filesystem Abstraction library
gnupgGnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
gnupg2GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
gnustep_baseGNUstep-core base
gnustep_guiGNUstep-core gui
graphicsmagickGraphicsMagick Image Processing System
graphviztclGraphviz language binding for tcl
gripCD-player and CD-ripper for the Gnome desktop
gsoapDevelopment toolkit for Web services and XML
gstplugins_goodGStreamer plugins (Good)
gthumbImage organizer
gtk2_printbackends_cupsGTK+, the multiplatform X11 toolkit for GUI development, CUPS Print Backend
gtklpGTK Gui for CUPS
hatariAtari ST emulator
hdf5HDF5 (hierarchical data format 5) software utilities
htmldocConverts HTML files and web pages into indexed HTML PostScript and PDF
icecastA free server software for streaming multimedia
idzebraA high-performance, general-purpose structured text indexing and retrieval engine
imagemagickA comprehensive package supporting automated and interative manipulation of images
inkscapeOpen source scalable vector graphics editor
leocadVirtual Lego brick CAD software
lftpA sophisticated command-line ftp/http client
libarchive12C library for reading and writing various archive formats,
libarchive_utilsTools for reading and writing various archive formats
libavcodec54FFMPEG library
libavcodec57FFMPEG library
libavdevice54FFMPEG library
libavdevice57FFMPEG library
libavformat54FFMPEG library
libavformat57FFMPEG library
libbindISC BIND DNS library package
libboost_iostreams1_49_0_gxxFree peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries,
libcairo2The Cairo 2D Graphics Library,
libcairomm1_0_1C++ bindings for Cairo
libcairo_devDevelopment files for
libcairo_script_interpreter2The Cairo 2D Graphics Library,
libclam6Clam AntiVirus Library
libclam7Clam AntiVirus Library
libcrack2Next generation version of libCrack password checking library,
libcups2CUPS libraries,
libcurl4Library for client-side URL transfers,
libcurl4_featureFull-features library for client-side URL transfers superseding
libfreetype6A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine,
libgd2A library used for dynamic image creation providing
libgd3A library used for dynamic image creation providing
libgdal1Geospatial Data Abstraction Library,
libgegl0_1_0A graph based image processing framework library,
libgeoipupdate0GeoIP database update library,
libgio2_0_0The GLib library of C routines.,
libgnutls26GNU Transport Layer Security libraries and tools providing libgnutls*.so.26
libgnutls28GNU Transport Layer Security libraries and tools providing libgnutls*.so.28
libgraphicsmagick_q16_3GraphicsMagick Image Processing System,
libgs8Ghostscript library,
libgs9Ghostscript library,
libgsf1_114GNOME structured file library,
libgsf_devDevelopment files for and
libgsf_gnome1_114GNOME structured file library,
libgsttag1_0_0Base GStreamer plugins handling various media types,
libgthumbImage organizer,
libgvc6Graph Visualization Tools,
libhdf5hl6HDF5 (hierarchical data format 5) library,
libhdf5hl7HDF5 (hierarchical data format 5) library,
libhdf5_6HDF5 (hierarchical data format 5) library,
libhdf5_7HDF5 (hierarchical data format 5) library,
libicapapi0Brief description,
libid3tag0A library for reading and (eventually) writing ID3 tags,
libilmimf_imf2_0_20High dynamic-range image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic,
libimlib2_1A powerful graphics library,
liblept3An open source C library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations,
libmagic1The library behind file(1),
libmagickcore6q16hdri1Library from ImageMagick,
libmagickcore6q16hdri2Library from ImageMagick,
libmagickcore7q16hdri0A comprehensive package for the manipulation of images,
libmagickcore7q16hdri6A comprehensive package for the manipulation of images,
libmagickwand6q16hdri1Library from ImageMagick,
libming1A library for generating Macromedia Flash files,
libmng1Library for Multiple-image Network Graphics format (MNG),
libmysqlclient15MySQL 5.0 client library,
libmysqlclient18MySQL 5.6 client library,
libmysqlclient_r15MySQL 5.0 client library,
libneon27Neon HTTP and WebDAV client library,
libneon27_featureNeon HTTP and WebDAV client library with all features enabled, supersedes
libnetapi0Samba client library,
libnetcdf7Machine-independent data formats for array-oriented scientific data,
libnetcdff5Fortran shared libraries for netcdf -
libnetcdf_c++4Machine-independent data formats for array-oriented scientific data,
libpisync1Free package to manage palmos based PDAs with Unix,
libpitcl0Free package to manage palmos based PDAs with Unix, TCL binding,
libplot2The GNU plotutils (plotting utilities) package,
libplotter2The GNU plotutils (plotting utilities) package,
libpng12_0The official library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG),
libpng15_15The official library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG),
libpng16_16The official library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG),
libpng3The official library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG),
libpng_utilsThe official library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG), binary utilities
libpodofo0_9_1A library to work with the PDF file format,
libpoppler63Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base,
libprotobuf10Google Protocol buffers,
libprotobuf7_gxxGoogle Protocol buffers,
libprotobuf8_gxxGoogle Protocol buffers,
libqdbm14QDBM - library
libqpdf13A CLI program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF,
librdkafka1The Apache Kafka C client library,
librtmp0A toolkit for RTMP streams,
libruby1_9_1_1The libruby shared object files (Ruby 1.9.3, API 1.9.1)
libserf1_1HTTP client library built on APR, multiplexes connections,
libslang2Library primarily to provide an alternative to libcurses,
libsmbclient0Samba client library,
libsox2SOX Library for audio processing,
libssh2_1A library for impementing the SSH2 protocol,
libsvn_subr1_0Subversion library
libtiff3Tag Image File Format library for C,
libtiff5Tag Image File Format library for C,
libtiffxx3Tag Image File Format library for C++,
libtokyocabinet9Tokyocabinet - library
libwmf0_2_7Library and tools for manipulating Windows metafiles - runtime package,
libwpd_stream0_9_9A library for importing WorkPerfect documents,
libxapian22An open source search engine library,
libxerces_c3_1Xerces XML parser for C++ providing
libxml2_2XML Parser Library
libyaz4Toolkit for Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and servers,
libyaz_icu4Toolkit for Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and servers,
libyaz_server4Toolkit for Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and servers,
libzip5C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives,
libzip_utilsUtility programs shipped with libzip
libz_devDevelopment files for
lighttpdHTTP server built for security, speed, compliance, and flexibility
lighttpd_mod_mysql_vhostLighttpd module for MySQL-driven VHOSTs
lynxA text browser for the World Wide Web
mencoderStable Release of The Movie Player and Encoder, the encoder
mencoder_snapshotDevelopment snapshot of The Movie Player and Encoder, the encoder
moshMobile shell
mplayerStable Release of The Movie Player and Encoder, the player
mplayer_snapshotDevelopment snapshot of The Movie Player and Encoder, the player
mrtgMulti Router Traffic Grapher (network monitor)
mutt_ncursesMutt mail client with ncurses interface
mutt_slangMutt mail client with slang interface
mysql5Multithreaded SQL database
mysql56Multithreaded SQL database
mysql56clientMySQL 5.6 client binaries
mysql5clientMySQL 5.5 client binaries
nagiosNagios network monitoring base package (no plugins)
netcdfNetCDF - Machine-independent data formats for array-oriented scientific data
netpbmA toolkit for manipulation of graphic images
nginxHTTP server and mail proxy server
nodejsNode.js JavaScript interpreter
ntopA network traffic usage monitor
nxlog_ceA multi-platform universal log collector and forwarder, utilities
opensshopenssh - OpenSSH Secure Shell server
openssh_clientopenssh_client - OpenSSH Secure Shell client
pcrePerl-compatible regular expression tools
pcre2Perl-compatible regular expression tools v2
pcre_gxxPerl-compatible regular expression tools
pgadmin3An administration and development platform for PostgreSQL
php5A High-Level Scripting Language
php5_memcachedExtension memcached for PHP5
php5_zipThe zip extention for PHP5
pigzA parallel implementation of gzip
pilot_link_perlFree package to manage palmos based PDAs with Unix, Perl binding
pilot_link_pythonFree package to manage palmos based PDAs with Unix, Python binding
pm_cyrusPerl interface to Cyrus Imap functions
pm_dbd_mysqlDBD-mysql: MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)
pm_devel_nytprofDevel-NYTProf: Powerful fast feature-rich perl source code profiler
pm_net_cupsNet-CUPS: Common Unix Printing System Interface
pm_net_ssh2Net-SSH2: Support for the SSH2 protocol via libssh2
pm_net_ssleayNet-SSLeay: Perl extension for using OpenSSL
pm_www_curlWWW-Curl: Perl extension interface for libcurl
postgisPostGIS - Spatial and Geographic objects for PostgreSQL
postgresql83_clientPostgreSQL 8.3.23, Client
postgresql83_contribPostgreSQL 8.3.23, Contrib
postgresql84_clientPostgreSQL 8.4.22, Client
postgresql84_contribPostgreSQL 8.4.22, Contrib
postgresql90_clientPostgreSQL 9.0.18, Client
postgresql90_contribPostgreSQL 9.0.18, Contrib
postgresql91_clientPostgreSQL 9.1.14, Client
postgresql91_contribPostgreSQL 9.1.14, Contrib
postgresql92_clientPostgreSQL 9.2.9, Client
postgresql92_contribPostgreSQL 9.2.9, Contrib
postgresql92_serverPostgreSQL 9.2.9, Server
postgresql93_clientPostgreSQL 9.3.5, Client
postgresql93_contribPostgreSQL 9.3.5, Contrib
postgresql93_serverPostgreSQL 9.3.5, Server
postgresql_devPostgreSQL 9.3.5, Development Files
privoxyA web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities
proftpdAdvanced, incredibly configurable and secure FTP daemon
protobuf_gxx_devGoogle Protocol buffers, header files
pythonA high-level scripting language, 2.6 series
python27A high-level scripting language, 2.7 series
python33A high-level scripting language, 3.3 series
py_curlPycURL is a Python interface to libcurl
py_pillowPython Imaging Library (fork)
py_sk1libsPrepress library
rb18_mysql_2_8_1This is the MySQL API module for Ruby
rsyslogEnhanced multi-threaded syslogd with a focus on security and reliability
rtmpdumpA toolkit for RTMP streams
ruby18An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming.
ruby20An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming.
r_baseA language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
sambaTools to access a servers filespace and printers via SMB (server)
samba_clientClient binaries for samba
samba_swatWeb-based samba administration tools
samba_winbindTools to authenticate users from active directory using winbind
scummvmVirtual machine for several classic graphical point-and-click adventure games
scummvm_toolsScummVM tools -- unsupported tools for ScummVM
spamassassinMail filter with a wide range of tests
sphinx_searchAn open source full text search server
sqlite3An embeddable SQL engine in a C library
stellariumPlanetarium with a realistic 3D sky just like seeing with naked eye
subtitleripperExtracts DVD subtitles from a subtitle stream and converts them.
sudoProvides limited super user privileges
sudo_ldapLDAP bindings for SUDO
swigA scripting interface generator for C/C++ code.
texlive_binariesTeX Live, binaries
texlive_luatexTeX Live, luatex
the_silver_searcherThe Silver Searcher is a code searching tool similar to ack
torSecure network traffic router
trafficserverApache Traffic Server is fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server.
transmissionFast, easy, and free multi-platform BitTorrent client
transmission_gtk2Transmission BitTorrent client , gtk2 Interface
w3mText-based web browser
webalizerA flexible web server log file analysis program
wgetA network utility to retrieve files from the web
wiresharkWireshark (was Ethereal) is a free network protocol analyzer
wmfLibrary and tools for manipulating Windows metafiles
wxwidgetsA cross-platform toolkit
xerces_cUtility programs from the Xerces XML parser
xorrisoISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator
zabbix_agentZabbix monitoring system agent
zabbix_serverZabbix monitoring system server
zlib_stubTransitional package. Content moved to CSWlibz1
zstdFast real-time compression algorithm

Libraries dependencies ( 0 )

The following tables display the sub list of packages, from the reverse dependencies, that depends on the libs provided by libz1.

DependencySoftware name