Install libreadline6 on Solaris 10 and 11:

pkgadd -d
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -U
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -y -i libreadline6 
/usr/sbin/pkgchk -L CSWlibreadline6 # list files

See also: Getting started with OpenCSW

Package details

SVR4 package nameCSWlibreadline6
DescriptionGNU readline library,
Source URL
Package Sources csw/mgar/pkg/readline/trunk/Makefile (SourceForge, OpenGrok)
QA pageGo to libreadline6 QA page
Last Uploaded ByJan Holzhueter
Contact maintainer
Bugtracker View bugs about libreadline6
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Dependencies ( 2 )

Oracle / Sun Solaris SUNW packages not shown.

Software nameDescription
commoncommon files and dirs for CSW packages
libncurses6A free software emulation of curses,

Reverse dependencies ( 52 )

Reverse dependencies are Solaris packages that depends on libreadline6.

Software nameDescription
amandaThe Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
asymptoteThe Vector Graphics Language
augeasA configuration editing tool
bacula_consoleThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Console
cadaverWebDAV commandline tool
freeradiusA free RADIUS server implementation
freetdsImplementation of the TDS protocol used by MS SQL Server and Sybase
gawkGNU awk
gdbThe GNU Debugger
gftpA file transfer client with text and graphical user interfaces.
gnupgGnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
gnupg2GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
gnuplotThe Gnuplot Plotting Utility
gnuplot_wxThe Gnuplot Plotting Utility (with WX-Widgets and Pango)
hatariAtari ST emulator
ldapviInteractive LDAP client for Unix terminals
libfluidsynth1A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications. ,
libguilereadline_v18_18GNU extensibility library,
libruby1_9_1_1The libruby shared object files (Ruby 1.9.3, API 1.9.1)
mailutilsA collection of mail related utilities
mdkMIX Development Kit
nmhPowerful electronic mail handling system
pcre_gxxPerl-compatible regular expression tools
php5_readlineThe readline extention for PHP5
pilot_linkFree package to manage palmos based PDAs with Unix
postgresql83_clientPostgreSQL 8.3.23, Client
postgresql84_clientPostgreSQL 8.4.22, Client
postgresql90_clientPostgreSQL 9.0.18, Client
postgresql91_clientPostgreSQL 9.1.14, Client
postgresql92_clientPostgreSQL 9.2.9, Client
postgresql93_clientPostgreSQL 9.3.5, Client
postgresql_devPostgreSQL 9.3.5, Development Files
python27A high-level scripting language, 2.7 series
python33A high-level scripting language, 3.3 series
readline_stubTransitional package. Content moved to CSWlibhistory5 CSWlibhistory6 CSWlibreadline5 CSWlibreadline6
recutilsGNU recutils
remakeGNU Make debugger
rlwrapA readline wrapper
ruby18An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming.
ruby20An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming.
sambaTools to access a servers filespace and printers via SMB (server)
samba_clientClient binaries for samba
socatMultipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
sqsh_freetdsPowerful SQL shell with advanced scripting ability for Sybase (Linked against FreeTDS)
sqsh_ocsPowerful SQL shell with advanced scripting ability for Sybase (Linked against Sybase OCS)
torqueBatch job scheduling system
trafficserverApache Traffic Server is fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server.
unixodbcODBC drivers for Unix systems
x3270An IBM 3270 terminal emulator
xorrisoISO 9660 Rock Ridge Filesystem Manipulator
yazToolkit for Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and servers

Libraries dependencies ( 53 )

The following tables display the sub list of packages, from the reverse dependencies, that depends on the libs provided by libreadline6.

DependencySoftware name amanda asymptote augeas bacula_console cadaver cdecl freeradius freetds gawk gdb gftp gnupg gnupg2 gnuplot gnuplot_wx gsasl hatari ldapvi libfluidsynth1 libguilereadline_v18_18 libruby1_9_1_1 mailutils mdk nmh pcre_gxx php5_readline pilot_link pm_termreadlineg postgresql83_client postgresql84_client postgresql90_client postgresql91_client postgresql92_client postgresql93_client python27 python33 rc recutils remake rlwrap ruby18 ruby20 samba samba_client socat sqsh_freetds sqsh_ocs torque trafficserver unixodbc x3270 xorriso yaz