Contributing to recipes

When you need a change to a package uploaded by somebody else, check their maintainer status via<name>/ and the maintainer activity report which shows inactive maintainers (retired or not).

  • When the maintainer is active:

    (This means that the maintainer uploads packages, answers to bug reports and email.)

    Ask them about the change you want. In many cases they will just make the change for you. They might ask you to do it instead. Do whatever you’ve agreed on.

  • The maintainer is inactive or retired:

    (Inactive means there were no uploaded packages in a long time.)

    Send them a note that you will be updating such-and-such package, then go ahead, make your change and upload the updated package.

Use common sense. For example, if you’re making a change to CSWpython, you really don’t want to mess it up. Talk to people, ask on maintainers@, and get help if you need it. The bigger the change you’re making, the more need to discuss it. When in doubt, write to maintainers@.


[1]Working in a branch in OpenCSW wiki
[2]The original post on the maintainers mailing list: [csw-maintainers] reminder on contributing on recipes

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