Introduction to the project

The world of open source is big. Solaris releases do contain the software companion disc which contains a number of precompiled packages with open source software, but you will almost always need a piece of software that is missing from the companion disc, or isn’t up to date enough.

OpenCSW fills this gap by providing binary packages and the corresponding build recipes. Installing our packages is easy: you can install a package together with all dependencies with a single command.

If you want to build your own packages, build recipes for our package are available in the source code repository.

The OpenCSW packages have been compiled to allow easy forward migration and crossgrades/mixing between SPARC and x86_64 CPUs. That means the same version of each package is available for Solaris 10 and 11, for both SPARC and Intel architectures. There are some exceptions, where the software is not available for one of the architectures, or has a version mismatch (e.g. acroread).

For more information, you can watch our project overview video (1h) and take a look at the slide deck.

Support for different Solaris versions

As of April 2014:

  • Solaris 11 – can use OpenCSW packages thanks to the backward binary compatibility
  • Solaris 10 – is the main focus
  • Solaris 9 – most packages not updated any more
  • Solaris 8 – no package updates at all

Mailing lists

We suggest subscribing to our low traffic announce list.

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