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0004634 [cupsd] regular use block always 2010-12-16 05:33 2011-01-09 17:51
Reporter flod View Status public  
Assigned To maciej
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status closed  
Summary 0004634: CSWcupsd 1.4.3,REV=2010.06.29 no longer starts
Description cupsd can no longer be started.

cups: unable to start scheduler.
[ Dec 16 05:25:20 Method "start" exited with status 1 ]
[ Dec 16 05:25:20 Executing start method ("/var/opt/csw/svc/method/svc-cswcups start") ] cupsd: fatal: relocation error: file /opt/csw/sbin/cupsd: symbol _httpReadGNUTLS: referenced symbol not found

It looks like all cups packages are on 1.4.4. except CSWcupsd .
This should normally not happen when releasing.
Additional Information pkgutil -c | grep cups
CSWcups 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWcupsclient 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWcupsd 1.4.3,REV=2010.06.29 SAME
CSWcupsdev 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWcupsdoc 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcups 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcups2 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcupscgi1 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcupsdriver1 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcupsimage2 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcupsmime1 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
CSWlibcupsppdc1 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 SAME
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maciej (reporter)
2010-12-16 09:05

That was my fault, apologies. The cupsd package was missing from the list of packages to be released: [^]

There is a manual step involved, in which all packages to be released, are specified by typing them in, and it's there where the error was made.

I've submitted the missing cupsd for release: [^]
flod (reporter)
2010-12-16 10:16

Thanks, for the fast response.

I will test cups again when the missing package is released.
maciej (reporter)
2010-12-16 22:23

I've sent the missing package for release, but it was rejected because of an unrelated issue. In the meantime, I've built cups-1.4.5, so we'll do a release of cups-1.4.5 instead. Could you test the cups-1.4.5? I've placed it in the experimental repository, you can install it with the following command:

pkgutil -t [^] -y -i cups
flod (reporter)
2010-12-17 00:34

I will look into the new 1.4.5 packages.

I believe that it is not the best to leave the official repository knowingly in an inconsistent state.
flod (reporter)
2010-12-17 01:30

I needed

pkgutil -t [^] -y -i cups cupsdev cupsdoc libcups --param=use_gpg:false

to pull in all dependencies.
My use case works. I did not see any packaging peculiarities.

pkgutil -c | grep cups
CSWcups 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWcupsclient 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWcupsd 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.3,REV=2010.06.29
CSWcupsdev 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWcupsdoc 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcups 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcups2 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcupscgi1 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcupsdriver1 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcupsimage2 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcupsmime1 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20
CSWlibcupsppdc1 1.4.5,REV=2010.12.16 1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20

I wondered a bit about the pentium_pro* libraries:
ldd /opt/csw/sbin/cupsd | grep pentium => /opt/csw/lib/pentium_pro+mmx/ => /opt/csw/lib/pentium_pro/ => /opt/csw/lib/pentium_pro/

I expected something else on AMD64, but as cups is 32-bit this is understandable.
maciej (reporter)
2010-12-17 09:38

Bad news on sparc front. cupsd segfaults when reading configuration.

(dbx) run -f
Running: cupsd -f
(process id 11919)
t@1 (l@1) signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address) in cupsdReadConfiguration at 0x27894
0x00027894: cupsdReadConfiguration+0x24fc: ld [%o5], %i4
flod (reporter)
2010-12-18 05:33

The group changed from lp to bin in the 1.4.5 experimental package.
Old config files and dirs will still belong to lp.
maciej (reporter)
2010-12-18 09:04

I don't think this is the case. Comparing the package in the catalog with the one in the experimental directory, there are no permission changes in the cupsd package:

maciej@login [login]:~/src/opencsw-git/gar/v2 > bin/comparepkg -a /home/mirror/opencsw/current/sparc/5.9 -b ~/exp -c cupsd -p
--- /tmp/pkg_2gwCVX/cupsd-1.4.3,REV=2010.06.29-SunOS5.9-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz
+++ /tmp/pkg_CHmqnf/cupsd-1.4.5,REV=2010.
@@ -7,17 +7,6 @@
/etc/opt/csw/cups/ssl 0755 root bin
/etc/opt/csw/init.d 0755 root bin
/etc/opt/csw/init.d/cswcups 0555 root bin
-/etc/opt/csw/rc0.d 0755 root bin
-/etc/opt/csw/rc0.d/K00cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
-/etc/opt/csw/rc2.d 0755 root bin
-/etc/opt/csw/rc2.d/K00cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
-/etc/opt/csw/rc2.d/S99cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
-/etc/opt/csw/rc3.d 0755 root bin
-/etc/opt/csw/rc3.d/K00cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
-/etc/opt/csw/rc3.d/S99cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
-/etc/opt/csw/rc5.d 0755 root bin
-/etc/opt/csw/rc5.d/K00cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
-/etc/opt/csw/rc5.d/S99cups --> ../init.d/cswcups
/opt/csw/bin/ppdc 0555 root bin
/opt/csw/bin/ppdhtml 0555 root bin
/opt/csw/bin/ppdi 0555 root bin
@@ -75,9 +64,6 @@
/opt/csw/sbin/cupsfilter 0555 root bin
/opt/csw/share/applications 0755 root bin
/opt/csw/share/applications/cups.desktop 0444 root bin
-/opt/csw/share/checkpkg 0755 root bin
-/opt/csw/share/checkpkg/overrides 0755 root bin
-/opt/csw/share/checkpkg/overrides/cupsd 0644 root bin
/opt/csw/share/cups 0755 root bin
/opt/csw/share/cups/banners 0755 root bin
/opt/csw/share/cups/banners/classified 0444 root bin
flod (reporter)
2010-12-18 22:15

You are correct.
I did not look into the packages. I have no idea how all my cups configuration files happen to belong to the lp group. Maybe that was from some even older cups package or my doing something stupid long time ago.

Thanks for the nice diff.
As a pure package consumer I never used gar.

I would consider it a very nice feature for any package upgrade to have such a diff between the previous current and a new package.
With that one can see what an update might change in the layout/ownership.

I saw that there already are package reports: [^]

But they don't contain diffs to the previous "current" package.
It might not help a lot, when packages get split (lib.* et al) but I hope that this happens not at every single update.
maciej (reporter)
2010-12-22 18:20

All package builds are tracked in subversion, and each package contains information about the exact revision it was built from, so it's possible to reproduce builds and examine package build descriptions.

I've rebuilt cups with debugging symbols - and couldn't reproduce the issue. Debugging version of cupsd works, optimized - segfaults.

Since I don't want to keep cups in a broken state, I plan to release packages with debugging symbols. It will at least not segfault.
maciej (reporter)
2010-12-24 07:33

cupsd-1.4.5 is now available from mirrors.

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