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0004547 [pm_tt2] packaging minor always 2010-09-09 11:06 2011-02-12 21:54
Reporter ssinyagin View Status public  
Assigned To dam
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status closed  
Summary 0004547: CSWperl 5.10.1,REV=2010.08.11 incompatible with Sun Studio 11
Description Sun Studio 11 is the last Studio release that is tar archive with solaris packages. Studio 12 is a huge bourne shell archive, making it tricky to install on remote systems. In Studio 11, I could simply extract the 3 packages and skip the rest of a half-gig distribution.

A simple program:
#include <perl.h>
int main() {}

now it fails when compiling by
 /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -I/opt/csw/lib/perl/5.10.1/CORE xx.c

The compiler reports syntax errors and undefined __attribute__ in /opt/csw/lib/perl/5.10.1/CORE/perl.h

Also perl -V reports incompatible C flag (-m32).

It will be great to still be able to use Studio 11 with CSWperl.

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ssinyagin (reporter)
2010-09-09 11:15

I installed Studio 12 on my test server (SolarisStudio12.2-solaris-sparc-pkg-ML.tar.bz2), and actually Studio 12 does not install by default into /opt/SUNWspro any more.
dam (administrator)
2010-09-10 13:33

Sun Studio 12.2 is not Sun Studio 12. The versions 12, 12u1 and 12.2 are completely different compilers which should better have been named 12, 13 and 14. I expect they have just renamed 13 to 12u1 for the same reason there is no 13th floor in some hotels. Please download Sun Studio 12 from [^]

To easily distribute Sun Studio 12 as a single package I made a script that bundles up the complete installation and makes one large package out of it: [^]
You cannot make decent work with the tar-packaged compilers anyway because you cannot apply necessary patches to the distribution.
ssinyagin (reporter)
2010-09-10 14:35

probably it makes sense to put a document somewhere like /opt/csw/doc/perl/
or in the Wiki?

or maybe switching to GCC would be much easier for everyone...
dam (administrator)
2010-09-10 15:21

Feel free to suggest a writeup :-)

Regarding switching to gcc: This has several drawbacks, like a dependency to libgcc or making it impossible to link to c++ libraries due to different mangling of symbols. That is why gcc is avoided in OpenCSW packages whenever possible.
ssinyagin (reporter)
2010-09-10 15:36

actually the best will be to give clear instructions at [^]

Here I wrote some notes, but haven't updated them for a while: [^]

I think we need to state clearly that Studio 12, packaged version is needed. And warn about 12.2.

I'll do the installation steps and provide you with the text next week.
ssinyagin (reporter)
2010-09-13 12:01
edited on: 2010-09-13 12:03

Here's my writeup:

1. Download Sun Studio 12 (not 12.1 or 12.2) Package Installer from [^]
The whole archive size is around 1GB. You need only 19MB from it.

2. run the following:
mkdir SunStudio12ml
cd SunStudio12ml
bunzip2 -dc ../SunStudio12ml-solaris-sparc-200709-pkg.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
cd install-sparc-S2/packages-sparc-S2
pkgadd -d . SPROdwrfb SPROlang SPROcc

3. Alternatively, you can run
tar cvf ~/studio12_SPROdwrfb_SPROlang_SPROcc.tar SPROdwrfb SPROlang SPROcc
and copy the TAR archive to your Sun server, then install the packages

bonivart (developer)
2011-01-27 16:41

Is this bug ready to be closed?

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