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0004424 [alternatives] upgrade minor always 2010-05-20 22:46 2013-08-25 21:40
Reporter dkohfield View Status public  
Assigned To phil
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status closed  
Summary 0004424: CSWsudo and CSWalternatives interaction breaks sudo installs on SPARC
Description Upgraded from a blastwave installation, which for all practical purposes was a clean install on the system in question:

  SunOS neon 5.9 Generic_118558-05 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V240

After the upgrade/install, sudo was not working.

Trouble-shooting included uninstalling and reinstalling CSWsudo and all of its dependencies. Using 'pkg-get -i sudo' installed all dependencies, then generated the following error as the CSWsudo package was installed:

  [ verifying class <none> ]
  /opt/csw/bin/sudoedit.minimal <linked pathname>
  Registering 'sudo' alternative /opt/csw/bin/sudo.minimal ...
  ERROR: /opt/csw/sbin/alternatives could not be found
  [ verifying class <cswalternatives> ]

This is despite CSWalternatives having been successfully (?) installed as a dependency, and '/opt/csw/sbin/alternatives' being present (though not executable).

The net result is that no symlink, or symlink chain is created along the lines of:

  /opt/csw/bin/sudo -> \
   /etc/opt/csw/alternatives/sudo -> \

Another system upgraded roughly 2-3 months ago has this symlink chain in place. The version of CSWalternatives is different. On the working system, 'pkginfo -l CSWalternatives' produces:

   PKGINST: CSWalternatives
      NAME: alternatives - Alternatives engine from Red Hat chkconfig-1.3.30c
  CATEGORY: application
      ARCH: sparc
   VERSION: 1.3.30c,REV=2010.02.18
    VENDOR: [^] packaged for CSW by Dagobert Michelsen
    PSTAMP: dam@build8s-20100218134904
  INSTDATE: Mar 31 2010 13:08
   HOTLINE: [^]
    STATUS: completely installed
     FILES: 12 installed pathnames
                   1 shared pathnames
                   7 directories
                   3 executables
                 111 blocks used (approx)

On the non-working system, 'pkginfo -l CSWalternatives' produces:

   PKGINST: CSWalternatives
      NAME: alternatives - an implementation of linux-style alternatives choice mgr
  CATEGORY: system
      ARCH: all
   VERSION: 1.0,REV=2009.10.17
    VENDOR: [^] written and packaged for CSW by Philip Brown
    PSTAMP: cswalternatives v1.0
  INSTDATE: May 20 2010 11:52
   HOTLINE: [^]
    STATUS: completely installed
     FILES: 3 installed pathnames
                   2 executables
                  26 blocks used (approx)
Additional Information Quick fix:

  ln -s /opt/csw/bin/sudo.minimal /opt/csw/bin/sudo
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phil (reporter)
2010-05-21 01:30

Thank you for taking the time to fill out a very complete bug report.
A new package has been pushed out, and should be reaching the mirrors shortly.
phil (reporter)
2010-05-21 01:32

btw: a quicker, more effective fix than your suggested "quick fix", would have been to simply add executable perms to the alternatives script, and run it :)
I believe that

chmod 0755 /opt/csw/sbin/alternatives
alternatives -auto sudo

should have fixed it up for you.
pfelecan (manager)
2013-08-25 13:51

Being so old I think that it was fixed but the maintainer forgot to close the issue. If it's not the case, please re-open with additional information.
dam (administrator)
2013-08-25 21:40

sudo does not use the alternatives mechanism any more as the ldap-capable library can now be enabled via a configuration directive in sudo.conf.

Peter, as you are probably reinstantiating the RedHat implementation it is most likely that the issue will reoccur, would you mind doublechecking that it is gone? Otherwise we probably need some more fixing.

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