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4177 packaging minor have not tried 2010-01-23 14:20 2011-01-11 16:39
0004177: Please provide 64 bit libs
Please provide 64 bit libs needed as dependency for xerces-c
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2010-01-23 14:57   
xerces-c doesn't use icu (now) and isn't itself used by anything.

64 bit ICU will make it a big package, a case for separate 64 bit packages.
Note I should split it based on SONAME, it's large already because it contains 2 versions.
2010-01-23 15:09   
Not now, yes. But I thought it would be a good thing to add it. xerces-c is also big (3,5 MB compressed).

Shouldn't we better compile the packages requiring the old version against the new one?
It seems isn't used by any package.
2010-01-23 17:46   
Both CSWtin and CSWx3270 pre-date ICU 4.2.1 and use the older lib. Should they be rebuilt? You'll have to ask the respective maintainers.

If the run time only packed the libraries for a particular version it would be easier to manage. CSWtin and CSWx3270 could be updated and when done it would need no change to icu 4.2 because it wouldn't contain 3.6 in the first place.

The case for a 64 bit package split is strong here because not of the current depends need it.
2011-01-11 16:39   
Fixed in 4.6,REV=2011.01.04 and released to current/.