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1029 packaging feature always 2005-06-24 20:12 2005-06-27 19:36
0001029: no fontmap.xml
some packages (not blastwave packages yet) use a file describing fonts in xml-format. libwmf-fontmap is a tool that allows creating such files. I thought it would be convenient to package this file with gsfonts, so that those packages don\'t need to provide their own version or depend on wmf.
an exemple of a program using an xml fontmap is ipe: [^]
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2005-06-25 11:18   
Thanks for the note. I see libwmf-fontmap defaults to a name of \"fontmap\" with no \".xml\", do you know if this or \"fontmap.xml\" is the preferred name?

From /opt/csw/bin/libwmf-fontmap:
2005-06-27 19:36   
I actually have no idea how standard this file is (seems to come from redhat). If wmf wants to call it fontmap and it does not conflict with anything else, then so be it. I already need to patch the application I mentionned to let it use the same file as wmf, because it expects fonts to be named Times-Roman or such, and does not know the aliases to NimbusRomNo9L-Regu and similar (and libwmf-fontmap does not write alias names). But then, since this application uses only a fixed subset of gs-fonts, it is easier to let it use its own fontmap file.

Let\'s just mention that in debian, both wmf and ipe have their own fontmap files in private subdirectories, and google does not show many other applications that use such a file.

So I actually don\'t know, I hoped someone would know better. It just felt bad that libwmf-fontmap might write something in the middle of gsfonts without that file being distributed with gsfonts.