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Full NameYann Rouillard
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Last packaging activityopenssl_utils has been added to unstable on 2016-05-07
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Software nameDescription
bashA sh-compatible command language interpreter
bash_completionProgrammable completion for bash
cadaverWebDAV commandline tool
cswutilsUtilities for CSW maintainers
cyrus_imapdPop and Imap server from the Cyrus mail system
cyrus_imapd_utilsVarious admin utilities for Cyrus Imapd/Popd
elinksAn advanced text mode web browser
fetchmailFetchmail mail retrieval and forwarding utility
fetchmailconfA GUI to configure and run fetchmail
fortuneProvides fortune cookies on demand
gnutlsGNU Transport Layer Security Utility Programs
imapproxyA caching IMAP proxy server
libfbopenssl_devDevelopment files for
libfbopenssl0Extensions to OpenSSL including support for GSS-API and SPNEGO,
libgnutls_devDevelopment Files for GNU TLS
libgnutls26GNU Transport Layer Security libraries and tools providing libgnutls*.so.26
libgnutls28GNU Transport Layer Security libraries and tools providing libgnutls*.so.28
libssl0_9_8Openssl runtime libraries
mailutilsA collection of mail related utilities
monitUtility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs
ntopA network traffic usage monitor
opensshopenssh - OpenSSH Secure Shell server
openssh_clientopenssh_client - OpenSSH Secure Shell client
pm_cyrusPerl interface to Cyrus Imap functions
rlwrapA readline wrapper
saslCyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer
sasl_devDevelopment files for SASL
saslauthdCyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer Authentication Daemon
sasl_gssapiCyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer GSSAPI Binding
sasl_sampleCyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer sample client/server
sasl_sqlCyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer SQL Binding
slrnCommand-line news reader
svr4pkgBasic perl implementation of solaris native svr4 packages tools
vsftpdA very secure and fast FTP server.
wputThe opposite of wget: a command line ftp client