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Full NameJuraj Lutter
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Packages ( 20 )

List of packages uploaded by Juraj Lutter.

Software nameDescription
c_icapC-ICAP library
c_icap_devBrief description, development files
courier_authlibCourier auth library
courier_authlib_devCourier auth library development files
courier_imapCourier IMAP
gwhoisAdvanced WHOIS utility
irssiIRC client with IPv6, proxy, bot, socks and Perl support
libhashkit1Library memcached interface,
libicapapi0Brief description,
libmemcachedLibrary memcached interface, main library
libmemcached8Library memcached interface,
libmemcachedprotocol0Library memcached interface,
libmemcachedutil2Library memcached interface,
mailwrapperRun substitute program
php5_memcacheExtention memcache for PHP5
php5_memcachedExtension memcached for PHP5
pm_net_libidnNet-LibIDN: Perl bindings for GNU Libidn
ragelRagel State Machine Compiler
re2cUtility for writing fast and flexible scanners.