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Full NameRiccardo Mottola
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Software nameDescription
gio_fam_backendThe GLib library of C routines., GIO FAM backend
glib2Low level core compatibility library for GTK+ and GNOME
glib2_docGtk-doc Documentation for glib2
gnustep_backGNUstep-core back
gnustep_baseGNUstep-core base
gnustep_guiGNUstep-core gui
gnustep_makeGNUstep-core make
gormGNUstep graphical interface builder
gs_ftpGNUstep FTP client
gs_priceImage viewing and filtering program
gs_terminalGNUstep Terminal emulator
gs_zipperGNUstep graphical archive tool (zip, tar, ...)
libgio2_0_0The GLib library of C routines.,
libglib2_0_0The GLib library of C routines.,
libglib2_devDevelopment files for and assorted libglib, libgmodule, libgobject and libgthread
libgmodule2_0_0The GLib library of C routines.,
libgobject2_0_0The GLib library of C routines.,
libgthread2_0_0The GLib library of C routines.,
libhogweed4A low-level cryptographic library,
libnettle6A low-level cryptographic library,
librsvg_devDevelopment files for
librsvg2_2Scalable Vector Graphics library,
performanceGNUstep data utility library
projectcenterGNUstep IDE
quiltA patch management tool
rsvgSVG to raster image conversion utility