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Full NameOliver Kiddle
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Last packaging activityzsh has been added to unstable on 2015-12-03
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Packages ( 17 )

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Software nameDescription
agrepText search tool with support for approximate patterns
duffDuplicate file finder
guiltManipulate quilt like patches on top of git
hexeditView and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII
ipythonEnhanced interactive python shell
libtre5Approximate regex matching library (
nmhPowerful electronic mail handling system
py_gnuplotA Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program
py_pyparsingPython parsing module
qivQuick image viewer
rxvt_unicodeVT102 emulator for the X window system (pron. ouR XVT, unicode)
terminfo_rxvt_unicodeEntries for rxvt-unicode in terminal information database
the_silver_searcherThe Silver Searcher is a code searching tool similar to ack
tkcvsA graphical front-end to CVS and Subversion
tre_devDevelopment files for tre
wmctrlCommand-line tool to interact with the X Window Manager
zshPowerful UNIX shell