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Full NameJake Goerzen
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Last packaging activitydovecot has been added to unstable on 2016-05-07
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Packages ( 39 )

List of packages uploaded by Jake Goerzen.

Software nameDescription
bluefishAdvanced Gtk+ HTML editor
celestiaReal-time 3D visualization of space
darkstatNetwork traffic analyzer
dnsmasqLightweight DNS forwarder and DHCP server
dovecotSecure IMAP server
dovecot_devDovecot secure IMAP server header files
dovecot_sieveSecure POP3/IMAP server - Sieve filters support
foxFox Toolkit
foxrtFox Toolkit runtime
freecivFree turn-based multiplayer strategy game
freetypeA free, high quality, and portable font engine.
gftpA file transfer client with text and graphical user interfaces.
gkrellmSystem monitor package
gkrellmdSystem monitor package daemon
hatariAtari ST emulator
libatlas_c++Atlas_C++ WorldForge core libraries
libsdl_devSimple DirectMedia Layer library development files for
libsdl_gfx15Drawing and graphical effects extension for SDL,
libsdl_gfx15_devDrawing and graphical effects extension for SDL, development files
libsdl_image_devSDL image file loading library, development files
libsdl_image1_2_0SDL image file loading library,
libsdl_mixer_devMulti-channel audio mixer library, development files
libsdl_mixer1_2_0Multi-channel audio mixer library,
libsdl_net_devA small cross-platform network library for SDL, development files
libsdl_net1_2_0A small cross-platform network library for SDL,
libsdl_ttf_devTrueType font rendering library for SDL applications, development files
libsdl_ttf2_0_0TrueType font rendering library for SDL applications,
libsdl1_2_0Simple DirectMedia Layer library,
libsdl_develTransitional package. Content moved to CSWlibsdl-dev
libmikmodLibrary for MOD audio files and other types
neverballA challenging Marble-Madness style game using OpenGL
prboomA port of the ID Software game DOOM
sdlsoundA library that handles the decoding of several popular sound file formats
stellariumPlanetarium with a realistic 3D sky just like seeing with naked eye
torSecure network traffic router
torsocksUse SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor
vidaliaController GUI for Tor
wesnothA free turn-based strategy game with a fanasy theme
xpilotXPilot multiplayer gravity war game client and server (gcc2)