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Full NameBen Walton
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Software nameDescription
alpineAlpine Messaging System
baculaThe Open Source Network Backup Solution
bacula_clientThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Client meta-package
bacula_commonThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - shared files
bacula_consoleThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Console
bacula_directorThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Director
bacula_docThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Documentation
bacula_fdThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - File Daemon
bacula_sdThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Storage Daemon
bacula_tray_monitorThe Open Source Network Backup Solution - Tray monitor
coreutilsGNU core utilities
cswhookdebugA set of hooks to ease debugging hook callers
cswpkgloghooksHook scripts to log package maintenance actions
cswpkiThe OpenCSW PKI Collection
cvspsPatchsets for CVS
docbookdssslNorman Walsh's modular stylesheets for DocBook
docbookdtdsSGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook.
docbookxslNorman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML
docbookxsldocDocumentation for the Docbook XSL stylesheets
emacs_sitestartEmacs support for autoloading functionality at startup
eximThe Exim Mail Transfer Agent
gitFast Version Control System
git_completionBash completion support for Git
git_cvsGit tools for working with CVS repositories
git_devHeaders and static libraries for Git
git_docDocumentation for Git
git_emacsGit VCS support for Emacs
git_guiGit GUI tool
git_svnGit tools for working with Subversion repositories
gitkGit revision tree visualiser
gitosisSoftware for hosting git repositories
git_subtreeSubtree support for git
imapMail server daemon (UW)
imapfilterIMAP mail filtering utility
lib5250_0A tn5250 emulator,
libc_client_devDevelopment files for imap 2007f
libc_client2007fUW IMAP C-Client,
libgeos3_3_3Geometry Engine, Open Source,
libgettextlib0_14_1GNU locale utilities,
libgettextlib0_17GNU locale utilities,
libgettextlib0_18_1GNU locale utilities, GNU locale utilities,
libgettextpo0GNU locale utilities,
libgettextsrc0_17GNU locale utilities,
libgettextsrc0_18_1GNU locale utilities,
libintl2GNU locale utilities,
libintl3GNU locale utilities,
libintl8GNU locale utilities,
libruby1The* files
libsunperf2Sun Studio U1 Performance Libraries v2 - i386
libsunperf3Sun Studio U1 Performance Libraries v3 - i386
libxrenderX Render Extension Library
logwatchLogwatch is a customizable log analysis system
magitAn Git Mode for Emacs
php5_apcAPC Extention for PHP5
php5_sqliteThe sqlite extention for PHP5
php_modeAn Emacs mode for editting PHP code
rb18_geos3_3_3Geometry Engine, Open Source, ruby 1.8 bindings
rb18_json_1_5_3JSON Implementation for Ruby
rb18_libxml_1_1_4Ruby libxml bindings
rb18_mysql_2_8_1This is the MySQL API module for Ruby
rb18_ratom_0_6_7RAtom is a library for working with the Atom Syndication Format and the Atom Publishing Protocol
rubygemsRuby package manager
sgmlcommonA collection of sgml entities and DTDs
tn5250A tn5250 emulator
tn5250_devA tn5250 emulator, development files
xmlcommonA collection of xml entities and DTDs
xmltoAn XSL toolchain front end.
yaml_modeA YAML mode for Emacs