Why can't I install CSWcas-foo?

I'm in a sparse zone and a packaging I'm installing depends on CSWcas-foo. Installation of this package fails with an error like:

ERROR: attribute verification of </usr/sadm/install/scripts/i.cswfoo> failed pathname does not exist

Why can't I install this package in my sparse zone?

asked: 2012-03-29 by: Ben Walton

Ben Walton answers:

Sparse zones share /usr in read-only mode from the global zone. All of the CSWcas-foo packages deliver files to /usr/sadm/install/scripts/. As such, installation of these packages in a sparse zone will fail.

The CSWcas-foo packages deliver extended functionality that other packages rely on. This includes things like preserving modified configuration across package upgrades, installing SMF manifests to manage services and compiling .py files to .pyc and .pyo.

If you're in a sparse zone and need these packages, you must install them in the global zone so that they're inherited to the zone you're using.