There multiple catalogs on the mirror. Unstable, testing, stable, dublin, current, legacy... which one should I use?

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asked 06 Feb '12, 13:05

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First, one must know that there are actually only three catalogs to choose from:

stable == legacy
testing == current == dublin

  • Packages in stable are quite old and won't be updated anytime soon.
  • Packages in testing are updated every now and then. They're not very recent, but not really old either. This is a good choice for the majority.
  • Packages in unstable get frequent updates and they're the most recent you can get on OpenCSW (except experimental packages). But they're not thoroughly tested and may be - as the name indicates - unstable. This may be a bad choice for production systems if you can't test these packages beforhand.
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answered 07 Feb '12, 15:43

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See also this post for a visual diagram of the branches and their relationship to each other.

(09 Feb '12, 14:11) skayser

For the current setting look at:

(05 Jan '16, 08:38) cgrzemba ♦♦
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