How can I replace the Solaris lpd with CUPS?

I would like to replace the shipped Solaris printing system (lpd) with CUPS from OpenCSW. How do I do that?

asked: 2012-03-20 by: Dagobert

cgrzemba answers:

There are some ideas on Bug #2924


# pkgutil -i cupsclient

in /etc/opt/csw/cups/cupsclient.conf add the line:

ServerName <yourcupsserver.dom.tld>


(also noted in Project Cups)

# pkgutil -i cups

for accessibility of CUPS server in LAN in /etc/opt/csw/cups/cupsd.conf must added:

ServerAlias <FQDN>
Listen <FQDN>:631
DefaultEncryption IfRequested

there add also in the section <Location />, <Location /admin> and <Location /admin/conf />

 Allow localhost
 Allow From AA.BB.CC.0/24

then run

# svcadm clear cswcups
# svcadm restart cswcups


For get the most commonly used HP PPD's install:

# pkgutil -i hplip
# svcadm restart cswcups

automaciej commented:

What about the stock Solaris lpd? You need to stop it first and probably remove some packages. Do you know how to handle that part?