Where is the OpenCSW source code?

Does OpenCSW publish any source code? If so, where is it?

asked: 2012-02-06 by: automaciej

Dagobert answers:

The build sources are linked at the name Package Build Repository from the individual packages, e.g. for CSWlsof.

All build descriptions are made using the GAR buildsystem.

automaciej commented:

Something's wrong, I see the content when I click "edit", but I don't see the answer when I view the page.

automaciej commented:

Looks like it was the full link to the lsof recipe caused your answer to not appear. I removed it and now your answer is visible.

pfelecan commented:

Note that not all packages are built with GAR. There is an effort to but don't hold your breath.

automaciej answers:

The main source code repository is hosted on SourceForge. Each individual package contains a link to the sources it has been built from. Each package subpage shows the link to its sources. For example, see the Python package.

The build recipes are turned into binary packages using GAR, the OpenCSW Solaris package build system.

pfelecan commented:

What's in the source code repository is what we call "build recipes". The upstream source code is, AFAIK, stored in their respective upstream projects repositories.