pkgutil with 2 mirrors: proxy issue

Hi all,

Anyone knows how to combine two different mirrors of which one needs to go through a proxy, and the other one not? To access the one behind the proxy we set up the ENV variables 'http_proxy' and 'https_proxy'. But if I do that, I can't acces the other one that's NOT behind the proxy.

We've set up a local repository with some custumized packages so that we can install them with pkgutil. For this, we add a 2nd 'mirror=http://usr/to/repository' line in pkgutil.conf and uncomment the line: noncsw=true But we don't know how to bypass this limitation (in RPM .repo files you can set up a proxy directive for each repo, but this seems to lack a feature like that..). Thanks!

asked: 2016-03-03 by: Gerardo