How to set up a private package catalog?

I have a couple of packages built internally in the company that I want to distribute to all the machines. If possible, I would like to create a catalog in the OpenCSW format, but with my own packages.

asked: 2012-02-09 by: automaciej

automaciej answers:

The package CSWpkgutilplus contains the bldcat utility. If you have your own packages in a directory, you can call bldcat which will create index files.

$ cd /mnt/opencsw/own-catalog
$ mkdir -p sparc/5.10
$ mkdir -p i386/5.10
$ cd sparc/5.10
$ bldcat .

You can then export that directory via HTTP and point pkgutil at it. You can configure it to download packages from more than one catalog. For example, in /etc/opt/csw/pkgutil.conf:


If you build your own, non-CSW package, you also need to configure pkgutil to install them.