How to set up a private build farm?

How can I setup a private build farm for exercising OpenCSW packages creation and modification?

asked: 2012-02-08 by: pfelecan

Dagobert answers:

The setup of GAR to build packages using the OpenCSW build system is described at GAR Setup

pfelecan commented:

Alright. That is the setup of a GAR environment. What I want to know is also how to build and verify a package on the private build farm, e.g., use pkgcheck, &c

automaciej commented:

Dago, I suspect that these instructions will be eventually migrated to the manual, is that right?

Dagobert commented:

In the developer manual to be written after the admin and user docs, right.

automaciej answers:

As of October 2013, we have a set of consolidated instructions.

  1. Buildfarm setup instructions

You can skip setting up a shared checkpkg database, and indexing the local mirror, but checkpkg triggering autoindexing will get annoying very quickly. You're better off setting up a shared database once, and then only doing quick incremental updates.

Setting up buildfarms happens rather rarely, so the process and the documentation will probably never be 100% accurate and up to date. If you get started with it and get stuck at any point, please show your issue / error message and we'll help out and adjust the documentation.