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I recently installed Solaris 10 on a sparc server. I have download and installed so far apache 2.2.22 and phpmyadmin 3.5.1 . Mysql seems to be running on the server . Can someone point me where the configurations are located? Any tips or links that you can share to properly configure the mysql on this production server?

svcs -a | grep mysql
online          9:58:48 svc:/network/cswmysql5:default
pkginfo -l CSWmysql5
   PKGINST:  CSWmysql5
      NAME:  mysql5 - Multithreaded SQL database
  CATEGORY:  application
      ARCH:  sparc
   VERSION:  5.5.30,REV=2013.02.10
   BASEDIR:  /
    VENDOR: packaged for CSW by Maciej Blizinski
    PSTAMP:  maciej@unstable10s-20130210112259
  INSTDATE:  Apr 10 2013 15:47
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:      233 installed pathnames
                   7 shared pathnames
                  44 directories
                  84 executables
              522354 blocks used (approx)

asked: 2013-04-11 by: joepr

automaciej answers:

Configuration location has been discussed in this question: "Where is my.cnf in CSWmysql5?". As a general rule, configuration of all programs packaged by OpenCSW is stored in /etc/opt/csw. There's also a corresponding section in the manual: Configuring Services.

joepr answers:

Thanks for the links!!

joepr answers:


I have the mysql running however I still can't find the my.cnf file

I read that OpenCSW provides an example my.cnf file which can be found at: /opt/csw/mysql5/my.cnf Edit this file according to your needs and copy it to one of the above given locations

However I don't have a mysql5 folder on that location /opt/csw

Running this

# mysql --verbose --help


Default options are read from the following files in the given order:
/etc/my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf /etc/opt/csw/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf


automaciej commented:

The my.cnf file doesn't exist after the installation. You need to create it from scratch. It's not necessary for MySQL to run, you only need to create it if you need to modify anything.

automaciej commented:

One more thing: the /opt/csw/mysql5 directory is not used any more.

joepr answers:

Thanks its working without any issues.

jamesbradley answers:

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