How long as OpenCSW been operating? How long will it stay?

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The beginnings of the project go back to 2002, when the Blastwave project was created. OpenCSW has been forked from Blastwave in 2008, and operates since.

The code produced by OpenCSW, consisting of build recipes and a package build system are published on SourceForge, and are future-proof.

Since OpenCSW is a community effort, it will be operating as long as there is interest in maintaining binary Solaris packages.

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Purpose of the association is to provide additional software packages that run on currently supported production versions of the Solaris Operating Environment. The building procedure used to create the packages should be publicly available.The software packaged must be freely re distributable by OpenCSW and its mirror sites and usable by everyone. The resulting packages should ideally be created to address the needs of large scale corporate deployments as well as individual users. Click here for getting more info.

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answered 12 Oct '16, 12:24

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