I want to compile clamav to work on solaris 7 sparc platform. I am currently using solaris 10 for compiling it. Can anyone guide me through the proper steps to make this mission successful?

asked 14 Sep '12, 18:14

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Samurai Boy
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automaciej ♦♦

Bad news for Solaris 7. OpenCSW catalogs only support Solaris versions from 8 onwards. Your 14-year-old platform, if you really want to build on it, will require building everything from scratch, including dependencies (libbz2, iconv, libtool, ncurses, libz). Current version of clamav might require modern versions of its dependencies, so you'll have to build them too. You might run into issues where an old compiler will not be able to handle new style C code, or the Solaris 7 libc will not have the required functionality.

The overall outline of steps are like with any other compilation:

  • Get a C compiler
  • Get the software sources
  • Run ./configure
  • Fix errors (potentially by building dependencies)
  • Rinse, repeat
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answered 14 Sep '12, 18:34

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automaciej ♦♦
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Thanks for your info. Is it possible for me to compile clamav on solaris 10 32-bit non-sparc platform and use the compiled package in solaris 8 sparc platform? If yes, does it require any configuration changes?

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answered 24 Sep '12, 21:19

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Samurai Boy
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Compile on 5.10 and run on 5.8 ? not possible. You could do it the other way around, build on older and run on newer. But if you want to run on 5.8 you need to build on 5.8.

(11 Nov '12, 22:14) automaciej ♦♦
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answered 16 Dec '16, 00:47

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