Can I install DBD::ODBC using OpenCSW - is there any package for this?

I have a Solaris 9 and I've just installed OpenCSW. Based on pkgutil this I've installed: - perl - pm_dbi - pm_dbdoracle

I also need in perl DBD::ODBC module, is there any OpenCSW pakcge for this? I've tried to search but with no result.

asked: 2012-06-18 by: krabu

Dagobert answers:

I just pushed pm_dbd_odbc to unstable/, in the meantime you can get the packages from experimental. Are you sure you need ODBC? Because you are also using DBD::Oracle and DBD::ODBC says

Unless you need to use ODBC, if you want Unicode support with Oracle you are better off using DBD::Oracle.