Can I install DBD using OpenCSW on Solaris 11?

So I was looking at another forum trying to research how to install the DBI module and DBD::Oracle driver for Perl on Solaris, and came across OpenCSW through the last post on a page (which it seems like I cannot link to). I have been trying to install DBI and DBD::Oracle onto my Solaris 11 virtual machine to little avail. I was going to attempt to try this new route using OpenCSW, but I saw that it said for Solaris 11 only system packages were supported? I am not entirely sure what this means, would I be able to install the DBI module and DBD::Oracle driver using OpenCSW on my current Solaris 11 machine?

asked: 2012-06-05 by: th1s_0n3_pr0gramm3r

automaciej answers:

There is no IPS repository at OpenCSW, but you can install OpenCSW packages, if you use pkgutil. This will download the .pkg files and install them using the pkgadd command. You can get started the usual way.

Dagobert answers:

Please note that you will need to have the Oracle Instantclient 10.2 (the one against which DBD::Oracle was built) needs to be installed (or symlinked) manually to /opt/csw/instantclient_10_2. Unfortunately the license of the Instantclient prohibits distribution as OpenCSW package but we do have a build recipe if you want to add it to your local repository. You can also see the layout from the build Makefile.