How to get started with OpenCSW?

I want to use OpenCSW. What do I need to do to configure my machine to use it?

asked: 2012-02-05 by: Dagobert

automaciej answers:

On Solaris 10, when there is no proxy between your host and the Internet, you can run this command as root:

pkgadd -d

If you are on Solaris 9 or earlier, or you are behind a proxy, you need to use wget or ftp to download pkgutil.pkg and install it. On Solaris 10, wget can be found under /usr/sfw/bin.

pkgadd -d pkgutil.pkg

Once it's done, type this to let pkgutil download the catalog index:

pkgutil -U

Get the list of available packages:

pkgutil -a

And install one:

pkgutil -y -i vim